Can I Spray Chalk Paint Through An LVLP Spray Gun?

Chalk paint is mainly applied to paint furniture like cabinets, tables, chairs, dressers, etc. It can also be used to paint DIY Collage Picture Frames.

Chalk paint works well to beautify the furniture without sanding or priming. It can be used easily by applying a number of techniques and it dries up quickly.

Can I Spray Chalk Paint With An LVLP Spray Gun?

Yes absolutely, you can spray chalk paint with an LVLP Spray Gun. Chalk-style paint is sprayed well with a paintbrush in many projects, which gives it a vintage look.

But it is a slow process, so you can use an LVLP spray gun to spray chalk paint fast getting a smooth finish.

Although there is no need to sand or prime the surface before spraying chalk-style paint, you should sand and primer the surface to get excellent results.

Things You Need for Spraying Chalk Paint With LVLP Spray Gun

When you start spraying chalk-style paint on the surface, you must have the following things with you.


  • #1: Chalk-style paint
  • #2: Paint Spray gun
  • #3: Eyes protection
  • #4: Respirator
  • #5: Painter’s Pyramids
  • #6: Paint the Turntable
  • #7: Drop Cloths
  • #8: Strainer
  • #9: Paint thinner

How to Spray Chalk Paint With LVLP Spray Gun?

Spraying chalk paint is a very easy process if you follow the following steps;

Step #1

First of all, take the paint you want to spray, prepare the surface, sand it if necessary, keep the surface in the right position (to spray from up to down), and keep all the necessary supplies with you.

Step #2

After completing the first step, prepare the paint well, strain it, fill the cup of the gun and switch the trigger on as you approach the piece following through with long, continuous movement.

Step #3

Keep your wrist stiff while spraying with a gun. Keep your spray gun 10 to 12 inches away from the surface you are spraying. You can bend yourself according to the position of work.

Step #4

Now start spraying from upper to lower on the surface, apply the first coat and let it dry. When it is completely dry, apply the second coat and finally the finishing coat.

Step #5

Lastly, if there is overspray somewhere on the surface, which can cause issues, remove it immediately.

You can also use a spray shelter to avoid overspray. If you’re spraying indoors, it can often land on walls and floors.

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Is it necessary to strain the paint for spraying chalk paint?

Yes, it is necessary to strain the paint to spray well and smooth. If you don’t do so, the mixed paint may get clogged and block the gun.

How can I thin chalk-style paint for an LVLP Spray gun?

The paints are packed thick in the factory; they have to be thinned before use. You will have to use paint thinner or water to make them thin at a suitable proportion so that you can spray well using an LVLP spray gun.

How much water should I use to thin chalk-style paint?

You can use 2 ounces of water per quart of paint (1 tablespoon is about .5 ounces).

How many coats of chalk paint are required to get smooth paint?

Often, chalk-style paint requires one coat to cover the surface and make it smooth, but if you think of applying a second coat, you can apply it for more shining results.

Final Thoughts

Spraying chalk-style paint with an LVLP spray gun is easy and faster than painting with a brush. An LVLP spray gun can work well to apply paint to smaller and larger projects which reduce brush marks and make the surface a smooth finish.


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