Can You Spray Lacquer With HVLP?

Lacquer is water-resistant and forms a smooth, hard surface. It is a great finish for wood. Moreover, It is created by the resins of a natural polymer, usually nitrocellulose and formaldehyde.

It is a lot more difficult to spray lacquer than oil paints. Lacquer paint contains no solvents and dries much more quicker on the surface of the wood. It can be expensive and there are many overspray risks.

Can You Spray Lacquer With HVLP?

Yes, absolutely. You can spray lacquer with HVLP as a finishing paint for furniture. Sometimes it requires more than one coat to get the desired thickness. It has to be applied in a thin coat.

HVLP spray guns are made to work with thinned paint that will not clog the airbrush. Using a lacquer thinner with their product will further help to avoid clogging.

HVLP uses less air pressure than compressor-based spray guns and can be very ideal when spraying lacquer.

These guns produce a finer finish and have the tendency to atomize the paint more evenly. This makes them ideal for painting lacquers.

How To Spray Lacquer With HVLP?

For spraying lacquer with an HVLP sprayer, you need to follow the essential steps, the basic HVLP lacquer spraying tips according to the expert advice.

How To Prepare Wood for A Smooth Finish?

If you’re making furniture from scratch, first level the surface using the related tool. Make sure, the surface should be even and smooth.

#1. Sand The Surface

Secondly, sand the surface slowly using a rag of 80-Grit to 120, 180, and 220 gradually.

Finally, use a rag of 320-Grit to sand the piece before you start the initial lacquer coat and again sand it after the first coat.


#2. Activate The Old Coat

Sometimes, the new coat of lacquer partially activates the old one. In this condition, there is no need to sand after the first coat. But if the imperfections are visible then you can sand the surface again.

#3. Wash The Dried Coat

You should wash the dried coats with a cloth as often as possible. There must not be even a small amount of dust that may ruin the uniform finish.

#4. Use Moisture Collector

You should use an inline moisture collector to check water buildup so that it may not make your finish uneven.


How to Set Up HVLP Spray Gun To Spray Lacquer?

For spraying lacquer with an HVLP sprayer, turn on the fans, clear the area where to spray, save the cable from getting caught and adjust the knob, nozzle, and hose of the gun.

#1. Place The Filter Inside The Paint Reservoir

Place the filter inside the paint Reservoir. Mix the paint well to distribute any binders or pigments evenly. If these aren’t dispersed evenly in the can, they won’t work on your finished project.

#2. Use the Desired Quantity of Thinner

Lacquering wood in high humidity, you should use 5 to 10% more thinner so that it can flow well through your HVLP spray gun. Spray on a few extra coats.

#3. Fill The Reservoir Properly

For the primary coat, fill 85% part of the reservoir. But for post-coat, fill 65 – 75% part of it with lacquer and complete 85% of the reservoir but the remainder should be filled with thinner.

#4. Stir The Mixture of The Reservoir

When you have filled the Reservoir according to its capacity stir it well, and then attach it to the sprayer.

#5. Have A Test Spray

After filling and stirring, take a piece of cardboard, hold the spray gun, and pull the trigger to test it. When the paint is passing through, lacquering your surface, check, if is it right.

#6. Keep The Proper Distance And Angle

You must keep a proper distance from every angle so that the final spray coat overlaps earlier coats by a considerable margin.

#7. Dry The First Coat Of Lacquer for The Next Coat

Let the first coat dry for a few minutes as about an hour, sand it if needed, and then apply the remaining coats.

Here is the video tutorial setup of the Hvlp spray gun to spray lacquer;

YouTube video


  • #1: Use a respirator mask to cover your face to protect you from the fumes
  • #2: Arrange ventilation, open windows, and on the fans for air circulation
  • #3: Use a good quality paint stirrer, filters, and paper
  • #4: Wear Glasses, gloves, and all possible protections


Lacquer is water-resistant and has a great finish for wood. It is different from oil paints. It dries quickly. For spraying lacquer with HVLP, You should set up the air system of the spray gun to obtain high-quality lacquer and use your spray carefully.


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