Can You Spray Latex Paint With An HVLP Sprayer?

Latex paint is generally referred to as water-based paint used in interior and exterior paintwork. It is the best choice for house painting purposes because it has less dangerous chemicals than oil paint, so it can be used safely. It is also good for the environment.

It can be washed with soap and water when dried. It can be used on ceilings, siding, walls, and trim. It is applied with a brush which gives results in the highest quality finish to the work. It can be even applied on surfaces already painted with a little spray of primer.

Painting is a laborious and time-consuming process. With the progress in technology, many spraying guns came into use for smooth and speedy painting work.

Traditionally, many spray guns were used for spraying oil-based paints. As water-based paints are thicker than oil-based paints so the latex paint normally blocks the nozzle of the gun.

A few years before, it was difficult to spray thicker paints with an HVLP spray gun due to its little nozzle. But now things have changed and latex paint can also be diluted due to its thinner consistency. So now the HVLP spray gun can also be used to paint latex paint easily.

How To Spray Latex Paint With An HVLP Spray Gun?

The HVLP paint gun is the best choice for spraying internal painting. Due to its high efficiency, speedy working ability, accuracy, and excellent result-producing capacity, it is the most popular and widely accepted spray gun in the painting industry. So it is the best spray gun for latex paint.

Spray Latex Paint With An HVLP

There are the following steps for spraying latex paint with harbor freight HVLP.

#1. The Process Of Preparing Paint For HVLP Gun

The latex paint is thicker than the other paint, so it needs more preparation than usual. So if you want to use an HVLP gun with a small nozzle size for latex paint, it is very necessary to thin the paint first.

For thinning paint, a suitable percentage of solvent (water) must be used. The water ratio is different according to the variety, thickness, and brand of the paint because the same water quantity can’t be used in all types of latex paint.

So start mixing water from 10% up to the maximum limit of 25%. If you mix more water, It will affect the quality of the paint.

#2. The Process Of Adding Supplements/ Additive

When you use an HVLP spray gun for painting latex paint, you need to dilute the paint. But if you use an additive like latex paint conditioner which maintains the color quality of the latex paint and gives it a fine finish.

Rust-Oleum 1992502 Painter's Touch Latex Paint, Quart, Gloss White 32 Fl Oz

Sometimes, additives are not necessary, but if think that water will dilute the latex paint more than needed, then a latex conditioner should be added. The ratio of adding conditioner per gallon (3.8 liters) is 236ml in latex paint.

#3. The Process Of Sifting/Straining

Using an HVLP spray gun for spraying paint requires a neat and clean solution of paint because the average HVLP nozzle opening is 1.4 ml and even small bits can clog it.

You should use a strainer to remove all the impurities from the mixed paint like dust, clumps, and dirt so that they may not block the nozzle.

The more you filter the paint, the smoother and faster your HVLP gun will work. So if you don’t have a sieve or strainer, use the cheesecloth as a substitute for getting better results.

#4. The Length Of the Hosepipe

The HVLP spray gun has a turbine blower that produces heat to shorten the drying time for latex paint. It always affects the capacity of the paint to flow well.

If there is a hosepipe of 6 feet long between the HVLP gun and the turbine blower, it decreases the temperature of the air which mostly atomizes the paint.

#5. The Technique To Use The HVLP Spray Gun

Latex paint is the best paint for the HVLP sprayer, but for get a better result of painting on the surface, there should be 8 inches distance between the paint sprayer and the surface to be painted.

Start spraying from the top of the surface and move to the bottom. But if you are spraying right to left, then start from one side and move to the other side without leaving the place unpainted.

When you have completed the round, ensure the whole surface is wet. There won’t be any place left without paint.

#6. Make A Test Of The HVLP Sprayer

As you know that latex paint is water-based paint has more thickness than normal oil paint. You have to dilute the paint and shake it every time before using it.

That’s why, when you have arranged everything well and going to start spraying paint, I suggest testing the gun first.

If you test the gun in the beginning, you can avoid any inconvenience later. So have a test spray first on some disposable material like cardboard or a piece of chart etc.

#7. Spray Latex Paint With An HVLP Gun

When you have completed all the steps, move for the actual work. You will really enjoy the work. Follow the same way as you follow when spraying with other guns.

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Precautionary Measures

For making your work easy, keep in mind the following precautions.

  • #1: Clean the gun completely
  • #2: Mix water in latex paint to dilute it
  • #3: Use a sieve to sift the mixed paint solution
  • #4: Ensure 6 feet distance between the hosepipe and the turbine blower
  • #5: Cover your head with a cap or cloth
  • #6: Use glasses to save your eyes
  • #7: Wear gloves and fully protected shoes.
  • #8: Remove the inflammable material near the workplace
  • #9: Keep 8 inches distance between the spray gun and the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an HVLP gun be used for spraying latex paint?

Yes, the HVLP spray gun can be very effectively used for spraying latex paint. But make sure, that the paint is thinned to the desired level.

What type of nozzle can be used in an HVLP spray gun?

Usually, a 2.0 mm or a little higher nozzle can be used. If the nozzle is large, it will allow more latex paint to run through it.

How to mix or prepare to paint for the HVLP sprayer?

First of all, thin the paint before spraying. The quantity of water depends on the quality of the paint. It is normally 10 percent water to be mixed in latex paint.

Is it necessary to test the paint?

Yes it is very necessary to test the gun and paint first, because you may come to know the quality of the paint before applying it


Spraying with an HVLP gun is a little confusing. You should have at least better knowledge for understanding the use of guns and the quality of paint to be used.


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