Fuji Q5 Platinum Review

The Q5 PLATINUM is the most powerful Fuji Spray system. Its 5-stage turbine motor develops about 95 PSI of pressure which is more than enough to clean any surface. Its additional power allows you to apply more paint in less time, saving your money and time.

The Q5 Platinum is the perfect choice for any professional who needs to clean large areas quickly and efficiently. It is a powerful, lightweight, and easy-to-use HVLP spray system.

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Fuji Spray 3005-T70 Q5 Platinum


  • Quiet turbine – Patented noise reduction feature + Heat Dissipation Chamber (HDC)
  • Professional Spray Gun features a convenient side Pattern Control Knob to adjust the size of the fan pattern from small to large
  • 25ft hose includes an air control valve to reduce overspray and bounce back

The Fuji Q5 Platinum is used for spraying paint so it must be purchased carefully.

If you are a professional painter and searching for a suitable spray gun, Fuji Q5 Platinum is the best sprayer. It comes in different sizes so choose whichever suits your needs.

Features of Fuji Q5 Platinum

Having passed many years in the paint shop, facing different responses from the customers, the following features of Fuji Q5 Platinum impressed me a lot.

#1. Model Details

The increasing demand for spray guns led various companies to manufacture different types and models of HVLP spray guns.

Fuji Spray Company camped in Toronto, Canada made Q5 Platinum, a 5-stage HVLP turbine sprayer.

You can find Fuji Q5 Platinum with T75G quiet HVLP spray system and T70 bottom feed style gun.

#2. Adjustable Power

Another feature of this turbine spray system that impressed me is its variable power knob, control over the gun, and easily adjustable fan accorded with spray needs.

This machine has incredible power to atomize even thicker paints. It is much easier to get the right amount of finish with actual airflow.

But you may not need it for spraying thinner finishes such as Polyurethane and Lacquer.

#3. Finish Quality Of Fuji Q5 Platinum

The Fuji Q5 Platinum with its extremely nice blue powder coating finish also made my work more shining and glittering.

As a good result always impresses you so did the final finish results of the Fuji HVLP system with me.

The Fuji Q5 Platinum with its plenty of power, great design, and high-quality parts give quite a clear finish to the latex paint and even primer.

The exceptional atomization power of this gun makes soft glossy finishes. In this category, I won’t be miser to give less than 10/10 to this gun.

#4. The Hose Length Of Fuji Q5 Platinum

There is a high-quality rubber hose that can stand up for a long time. The 25feet (7.6 Meters) length of the hose is enough to keep your turbine away from the spraying area, set the filter clean, and motor last longer.

You can also adjust 6 feet extra hose that comes with the unit. It allows your machine to move easily for spraying at uncomfortable places like the bottom of a cabinet.

#5. Heat Dissipation Of Fuji Q5 Platinum

The greatest feature of Fuji Q5 Platinum which, I would call the best HVLP spray system, is its HDC (heat dissipation chamber).

The HDC does expel the surplus heat from the turbine and provides very cool operating temperatures.

When the heat remains less, the motor life of your turbine system automatically becomes longer.

#6. Quietness Of Fuji Q5 Platinum

Before the purchase of Fuji Q5 Platinum, I used the old 2-stage and 3-stage, and then 5-stage turbines. But I was always uneasy with the loud noise they made in the room even to have a normal conversation.

Thanks to the Fuji HVLP system to solve the matter. Fuji Q5 Platinum has a quiet system that can go a long way with you in the finishing process. You won’t find any loud whistling noise.

#7. Portable and Easy-to-Use

Fuji Q5 Platinum is a perfect spray machine both for professionals and beginners. It is very easy to use. With a little practice, you can be the expert operator of this machine.

It has a heavy-duty metal case, and a strong gun holder, and is very lightweight that you can lift easily wherever you want to perform your spraying job.

#8. Price Of Fuji Q5 Platinum

The main thing which affects your choice is your budget. It actually determines your selection and buying. Fuji Q5 Platinum ranges from $500 to $1600.


It usually depends on the configuration you choose. I don’t have any right to force you to buy it, but I can assure you, that it is the best HVLP spray gun at this price.

You would really enjoy using it and forget all the previous ones.


The Fuji Q5 Platinum is a very nice product for professionals and beginners. With its high-quality parts, plenty of power, flexible adjustments, incredible finish quality, and quiet operation; it is the best HVLP spray system. It can be a great investment for your business that I can confidently recommend.

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