Graco-Sharpe 289200A Review

Graco introduced another brilliant product, Sharpe 289200a, in the HVLP line. It is decorated with such technology to increase output delivery.  It also offers efficiency and high performance.

The Sharpe 289200A is a very suitable small-size HVLP gun. It is run by a standard unit of 1/2 HP compressor.

With three quick-change nozzle tips, the gun can be used for various purposes. Both professionals and beginners use it, especially for the smallest projects.

Graco-Sharp 289200A is the perfect paint gun for all home decorating needs. It’s designed to work on low pressure.


It gives perfect, professional-looking results with a quick finish. It can work well on any material within its range of low pressure and medium viscosity.

Features of Graco-Sharpe 289200A

The Graco-Sharpe 289200A is smaller than many other HVLP Spray guns. It is specially engineered to work on low pressure for a high delivery rate. Some of the features of this gun are following.

Small Size Tip of Sharpe 289200A

According to the size of the gun, it has a standard tip of 1.0mm. It is used for all light industrial work, spot repair, hobby, base coat, and clear coat.

It works well, particularly for automotive but I would like to recommend a 1.2mm tip for thinned lacquer.

Pattern Size of Sharpe 289200A

It is a very impressive feature of the gun to have a large spray pattern for this mini gun. I was really amazed to see the 9 inches spray pattern compared to the size of the tip.

Cup Size of Sharpe 289200A

When you are spraying house items or parts of any automotive, you don’t need a big cup of paint. You have to do the job slowly and carefully.

So Graco-Sharpe 289200A has a 125cc aluminum cup to keep enough paint for the work.

Two-Finger Trigger of Sharpe 289200A

While spraying paint, I normally use my first finger to pull the trigger. Sometimes, it feels pain and I have to stop to relieve my finger.

But Sharpe 289200A has a two-finger trigger to avoid any fatigue while painting in small areas.

Fast and Fine Finish of Sharpe 289200A

Although small in size, the gun sprays paint at a very fast speed. It results in a fine smooth finish and makes the surface shine.

If you paint the parts of your automotive or door jambs, you will be amazed to see the silky surface.

Easy To Clean

Whenever you finish the work, clean the gun immediately so that it may not clog. You get a cleaning brush and a wrench with Sharpe 289200A. They make it easy to clean up the gun after finishing your painting job.


As I have reviewed earlier, it is a smaller gun designed to paint small or medium items, so it is very lightweight (only 2 pounds).

You can paint using this gun even with a single hand that won’t tire you. If you are spraying the bumper of some vehicle, you can easily hold the gun in one hand and the item in the other.

Price of Graco-Sharpe 289200A

Graco-Sharp 289200A is a little gun with a low price. It sprays very well. You can easily afford it as it is around $100 to $250.

No 1

Graco-Sharpe 289200A


  • 1.0 mm Conventional Gravity Feed Spray Gun
  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Includes FX1000 gun, 125cc aluminum cup, wrench, and cleaning brush
  • Country of origin: China

I would recommend this gun, especially for those who want to spray paint small automotive parts.

  • Small tip size with the large spray pattern
  • Excellent sprayer for small surfaces
  • Featured with Two-Finger Trigger
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Small size cup that has to be refilled again and again


Graco-Sharpe 289200A is the best product of Graco, a leading manufacturer of liquid handling devices. It delivers quality, reliability, performance, and a smooth finish.

If you want to paint small items at home or automotive parts, this tiny gun is perfect for you on an easily affordable budget. I can surely say, it is an awesome product that you must have at home for refreshing the paint of small items.

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