HomeRight Super Finish Max Review

The Home Right Finish Max is a lightweight paint sprayer used for spraying items around the home from small to medium. It has a turbine motor so it doesn’t need a separate air compressor. As you plug it in, it will be ready to work.

You can use the Home Right Super Finish Max gun for painting multiple projects at home including walls, fences, furniture, kitchen cabinets, and much more.

This multipurpose sprayer can apply smoothly and even finish. You can spray various materials with Home Right Super Finish Max including latex paints, primers, polyurethane, enamels, milk paint, clear sealer, tarnish and varnish, etc.

My Experience With HomeRight Super Finish Max Sprayer

In the beginning, the brush was my favorite tool for work. But I started using spray guns when I changed my home. It was a big building so I had to paint it with a good spray gun.

Super Finish Max

Super Finish Max + Rapid Clean & Spare Cup


  • Great Value
  • Life Changing Sprayer
  • Super Finish Max And Rapid Clean
  • Super Finish Max And Extra Container
  • Spray Nearly Anything With Less Thinning
  • Perfect Combination

I used an earlier modal of the Wagner sprayer. It was good, but it wore out due to using it for a long time.

So I had to replace my sprayer. I searched for many days, and at last, I decided to purchase Home Right Super Finish Max.

After using this sprayer, here is my brief analysis of the product.

The Main Features of Home Right Super Finish Max

This HVLP paint sprayer is one of the most popular sprayers in the furniture painting world. It comes with a single combined turbine motor to power it up.

It has three flexible spray patterns (round, horizontal, vertical,) and a flow control knob, air nozzle, viscosity cup, cleaning brush, etc.

#1. Complete Kit of Super Finish Max

The very first thing that impressed me a lot is the completely usable things in the kit. You often have to buy them separately.


But there were three brass spray tips, two air caps, a 450-watt paint sprayer, a paint container and its cap, a small wrench, a cleaning brush, and a manual.

#2. Good Air Cap & Flow Control knob of Super Finish Max

When I opened the box, I was really amazed to see that the manufacturer supplied all related materials in the box.

I read the manual of instructions and started setting the gun. I easily adjusted the air cap, and material flow control knob and then filled water in the paint container to test the machine.

First, I increased the material output and then decreased it. I found that the yellow air cap is for shooting a wide spray, best for decks, walls, and fences.

The black air cap is for shooting a fine spray, best for spraying furniture and kitchen cabinets.

#3. Easy to Clean and Change Filter

You can easily clean the gun, its nozzles, air holes (in the cap), and the rim of the paint cup with a handy brush in the kit.

You won’t need to change the additional filter as it is located in the back of your Home Right Super Finish Max. It shall get better air flow there, staying clean for a longer period.

#4. Handling a Variety of Materials

Home Right Super Finish Max can spray various materials with equal performance.

You can apply latex paints, primers, polyurethane, enamels, milk paint, clear sealer, tarnish and varnish, etc. with this small device.

It has a viscosity cup to measure paint thickness when you need it. As I was painting at home, so I used various types of material and found good results.

#5. Super Finish Quality of Super Finish Max

As it is a standard and powerful HVLP sprayer powered with 400 watts, so it provides accurate and smooth spray patterns.

It produces a fine and super finish quality, (factory-like finish). I was stunned to see the results of my kitchen painting because I never expected so from this tinny product.

#6. Lightweight, Portable, and Easy To Use

I find that Home Right Super Finish Max is the lightest sprayer in the painting world. It weighs only 3.1 Pounds, so your hand won’t tire and feel fatigued while spraying with it.

I really enjoyed my kitchen painting with this machine moving it easily around my projects. You can lift it easily in one hand, leaving the other free to smoke and enjoy coffee if you wish.

  • Lightweight, easy to use, and clean
  • Good finish quality
  • Handle multiple materials equally
  • Two years of warranty support
  • Not for big projects

All In Nutshell

At the end of my review, I would say that I’m really very happy after using Home Right Super Finish Max. Many great things about this gun impressed me.

According to my experience with this tool, It’s good for big and small painting projects.

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