How Do I Get A Smooth Finish With HVLP Sprayer?

The smooth finish is the final coat or layer applied in the painting process. It is also called the outside layer for safety. It is a decaying protection material used to ensure additional resistance. A smooth finish coat protects metal for years under good conditions.

The effectiveness of the smooth finish coating depends on the surrounding environment. Generally, influencing factors like sunlight, air pressure, temperature, and humidity can affect the life durability of smooth finishing.

A smooth finishing coat is the final phase of paint construction. So the overall quality of a structure depends on the quality of its completion. It includes facing, plastering, floor covering, work of art, wallpapering, and glazing.

Finishing refers to the process of converting woven cloth into a practical material in the textile industry. So any process done after dyeing the fabric to give it better look is called smooth finishing.

What Is The Process Of Smooth Finishing?

Smooth finishing refers to changing the surface of a designed part to get specific shining features. The process of a smooth finishing coat is either removing/reshaping or adding/altering.

The removing/reshaping is used to change the surface to get the desired finish like polishing the surface.

But the adding/altering is used to change the surface making it entirely new. The most famous altering process is dyeing, electroless plating, and powder coating.

What Is Spraying?

A painting technique used as a spraying device with the help of compressed air is called spraying. The coating in spraying can vary among paint, varnish, ink, and other material.

The two main tools spray gun and airbrush are commonly used in industrial spraying. They are of different sizes according to the spray pattern.

The airbrushes are hand-held while spray guns are machines used to cover large surfaces.

There are many different spraying techniques like air atomized systems, airless spray guns, and High Volume Low-Pressure guns (HVLP).

What Is HVLP Spray Gun?

An HVLP gun is similar to the conventional spray gun but it reduces spray velocity using different air and fluid nozzles. They come in two varieties as turbine systems gun and conversion gun.

HVLP Spray gun

A turbine system gun has a gun, a hose, and a turbine that produces dry and filtered air for the gun at about 10 psi.

A conversion gun is a low-cost solution for spraying. It looks like an HVLP turbine gun but works at less air pressure than the standard air pressure.

How To Get A Smooth Finish With HVLP Sprayer?

Spraying paint is not an easy job. One has to learn the skills of spraying.

If you want to get a glossy finish with an HVLP spray gun, you should follow the instructions given below in the respective division of work. After reading this article, you will have enough information to use an HVLP spray gun.

#1. Choose The Time To Start Smooth Finish Coating

The selection of a suitable time is very necessary for the smooth finishing of work. It depends on your schedule of routine work.

If you have a busy schedule, fix the weekend for getting the best possible result. Don’t spray the finishing coat in a hurry because it is a time-consuming task.

#2. Check The Weather Forecast Before Starting Smooth Finish Coating

The favorable weather for getting a mirror finish with spray paint is very necessary.  The cloudless, calm, rainless, and windless weather is most appropriate for smooth finish spraying.

If the weather is hot and dry, avoid painting work because excessive heat can cause the paint to be brittle.

#3. Choose The Suitable Workplace

The workplace is also a very important factor for completing the painting process and getting a glossy finish with spray paint.

The more protected place you have the more shining and smooth finishing work you can do.

There should be a boundary all around the shed where you can work easily.

There should be no going and coming of the other vehicles or pedestrians so that the dirt, mud, clay, and filth may not come to affect your finishing work.

#4. Collect The Required Material

Make a list of all those supplies you need for the smooth finish with HVLP Sprayer work and purchase the whole list before starting work.

If the necessary equipment is missing, the smooth finishing of the painting work will be affected.

#5. Spread A Plastic Sheet Or Newspaper On The Floor

Before starting the painting work, spread a sheet of cloth or plastic on the floor so that the paint or chemicals may not spoil your floor. You can even spread many pieces of newspaper for this purpose.

#6. Prepare The Surface To Get A Smooth Finish With A Paint Sprayer

The surface should be clean, soft, and even. There should be no remaining old paint. So make sure, if there is old paint, rub it off or sand it with sandpaper for the successful conversion in color and smooth finishing of paint.

If there are other types of smudges, dirt, bubbles, or debris, your finishing coat won’t be so shining and glittering.

So make sure to peel off or wash the surface and dry it with a cloth making it neat and clean to get a smooth glossy finish with spray paint.

#7. Apply The Primer If Needed

If you need to apply the primer before the final coat, apply it with a paintbrush and wait for 24 hours to spray the final smooth finish with an HVLP spray gun.

#8. Paint The Surface With The First Finishing Coat

When the surface is smooth, clean, and ready for paint, start spraying with an HVLP gun but I would suggest testing the gun and mixing paint on a newspaper or waste board before spraying on the desired surface.

Spray from one corner to the other or in round circle until the full area is covered.

 #9. Shake The Cup Of Mixed Paint Before Filling The Tank Of Gun

Before filling the tank of the gun for spraying the final glossy coat, make sure that it is mixed well before starting work.

Shake the canister each time you fill the gun and keep it 12 inches away from the surface.

#10. Clean The Nozzle Of Your HVLP Spray Gun Each Time

The nozzle of the HVLP spray gun is blocked if you use it for a long time. Therefore, before starting a new coat, clean the nozzle of the gun with cloth or water.

If the paint becomes hard inside the nozzle, it can sputter out and make an unappealing finish.

#11. Spray For Second Finishing Coat

When the first coat of finishing paint is dry, move to the next as you need not delay more than 30 minutes. Spray the second finishing coat to make it more glittering.

The final smooth finish coat must be applied most carefully so that you can get the ultimate desired result.

#12. Paint The Places/ Remaining Areas Or Unpainted Areas

When you have done all your work, check the unpainted areas, they are normally the insides of doors, the opposite sides of the surface.

For this purpose, first, paint one side, and after drying it paint the other side.

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You should always keep the following precautions in mind to get a smooth finish with an HVLP paint sprayer

  1. The weather will not hot or rainy
  2. Keep away explosive material from the workplace place
  3. Do Paintwork on the place away from other vehicles or pedestrians
  4. Always wear a mask on your mouth and cover your ears too
  5. Wear eye protection to avoid any disturbance
  6. Wear a hard cap and soft gloves for safety
  7. Use full-covered shoes
  8. Don’t use loose clothes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a smooth finish with a paint sprayer?

If you want to get a smooth finish with a paint sprayer, first clean the place, rub it to make it rough, apply primer, sand it again, apply the paint, sand it again, and then apply the final smooth finish on the surface.

Why does the HVLP gun start splitting?

The HVLP gun starts splitting when the nozzle is not properly adjusted or screwed. Sometimes it is tight and sometime it may be loose. That’s why it doesn’t work properly. So if it happens more than once, change the nozzle.

Can an HVLP gun be used for varnish?

Yes, varnish of all types can be sprayed using an HVLP gun. Oil paint, polyurethane varnish, Oil-based varnish, and any type of thin liquid can be sprayed with it.

Is suitable weather necessary for finishing the coat?

Yes, when you decide to apply the finishing coat, the weather must necessarily be checked. If it is hot or rainy, avoid the finishing coat.


After completing all the coats of paint, your surface should look as was painted in the factory. It should look appealing and charming in the smooth finishing coat.

The professionals and experts always get a Smooth Finish with HVLP Sprayer. The HVLP gun saves time and labor and gives perfection to your work. These tools have made the work easier keeping the necessary precautionary measures in mind.


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