How To Thin Acrylic Paint For HVLP Spray Gun?

Achieving a smooth and flawless finish when using an HVLP spray gun necessitates the proper consistency of acrylic paint. With a wide array of paint types available in the market, each manufactured with varying thickness levels, thinning the paint is a crucial step before spraying.

Acrylic paint, widely utilized for its versatility and chemical composition, finds application in the decoration of various everyday objects.

In this article, we will explore the precise process of mixing acrylic paint for HVLP spray guns, providing painters with a straightforward and comprehensive guide.

What is Acrylic Paint?

A chemical-based paint is prepared to combine the qualities of oil and watercolor paints and can be thinned with water. It was first developed in 1934 in Germany.

In the beginning, this new paint came into the market as house paint but later in, the painters started to use it as an alternative to oil paint.

What is Acrylic Paint

As it is a formula of water and versatile in nature, it dries quickly and can work on any surface (paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, wood, stone, etc.). This paint is very flexible, low-odor, non-flammable, and solvent-free.

But you will have to spray it fast as it dries soon. When it is dry, you find it difficult to remove it.

Five pros of Thinning Acrylic Paint for HVLP Spray Guns

How To Thin Paint For The HVLP Sprayer?

The HVLP sprayers are primarily used to spray oil-based paints, but you can use them for spraying latex and acrylic paint if you know how to thin acrylic paint for a paint sprayer.

The acrylic paint has to be thinned carefully by mixing 10% water in it. You can add more or less water to get the proper consistency.

Failing to get the right thickness of acrylic paint will cause messy blobs and ultimately block your HVLP spray gun. So to avoid this happening, thin your acrylic paint in the right proportions.

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HVLP guns cause less overspray having higher efficiency in transferring the paint. So, can you spray acrylic paint with an HVLP gun? Look at the guide and follow the steps to achieve that goal.

Some Basic Necessary Things For Thinning Acrylic Paint

Whenever you start a project, you always need some basic necessary equipment to help you to get the job done easily.

When you think about what I can use to thin acrylic paint for an airbrush or spray gun, you will get the answer to your question;

  1. #1: The first thing you need is the real object, i.e. Paint for thinning
  2. #2: Secondly, you need Water or any Paint Thinner liquid available on the market, but water is commonly used and easily available
  3. #3: Thirdly, you need a FUNNEL to test the thickness of the paint. It will give you a clear idea of proper consistency
  4. #4: Fourthly, when you have thinned your acrylic paint, you need an HVLP Spray Gun to apply this paint
  5. #5: Fifthly, you need a SURFACE to test the prepared paint. Usually, a CARDBOARD is considered appropriate for the purpose

How To Thin Acrylic Paint For Paint Sprayer?

How do you dilute acrylic paint for a spray gun? Let’s discuss step by step;

Step 1

  1. #1: Mix 12-13 ounces of water in every gallon of paint. It is approximately 10% of the volume of the paint
  2. #2: Use a strainer to check the right consistency matches your sprayer
  3. #3: Use a stir stick for mixing the paint well

Step 2

  1. #1: Pour this prepared mixture into the funnel and let it flow freely out the bottom to know the right consistency
  2. #2: To avoid wasting paint, do it over a bucket
  3. #3: Use a strainer to check the clogs if the mixture doesn’t flow freely

Step 3

  1. #1: If you don’t get the proper thickness in the first step, increase the ratio of water
  2. #1: Mix water slowly and gradually according to the need so that it may not become thicker or thinner

Step 4

  1. #1: Make sure the paint is thinned properly
  2. #2: Fill the tank of your spray gun ¾ with a prepared mixture of paint
  3. #3: Turn on the trigger and apply paint to the surface to test it
  4. #4: Get the clear spread as it should not be stuck or slow down on the surface
  5. #5: If you get the desired result, go ahead and spray paint normally
  6. #6: If you don’t get the desired result, repeat the process of mixing paint again

Step 5

  1. #1: Having completed all the requirements, start the actual painting process
  2. #2: Paint the target surface, wall, wood, or any other
  3. #3: Mixing or thinning your paint rightly will make your color long-lasting
  4. #4: It will make your surface charming saving your money


  1. #1: Don’t forget to get the right consistency
  2. #2: Make use of the trial and error technique for achieving the goal
  3. #3: Always start with small steps, first add only 5% water then increase slowly
  4. #4: Don’t overload your gun with the paint mixture
  5. #5: Always take all self-precautionary measures like gloves, glasses, caps, shoes, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know Your Paint Is Thinned Properly?

You should take a good-quality viscosity cup to assess the paint. Pour the paint into the cup, if it comes out smoothly, it’s okay. If it runs out too quickly, it is thinned too much

What Can Do If The Paint Is Thinned Too Much?

If you’ve thinned your paint too much and it runs out, you can’t use it.

You can gradually add half a cup of paint into the pail and stir it thoroughly until you get to the desired consistency.

When the paint comes out of the funnel smoothly, you can stop and apply it.

Can I Use Paint Thinner To Thin My Acrylic Paint?

Actually, the water acts like paint thinner and enhances the stretchability of the paint. If you come to know how to thin acrylic paint for your HVLP gun, the process becomes very easy for you.

What Is The Exact Ratio Of Paint To Thinner For Your HVLP Spray Gun?

Generally, the exact ratio of paint o thinner is 4:1 which is considered a good one.


After reading the above detail, recall your question, can you spray acrylic paint with HVLP GUN? You would undoubtedly respond, yes. It is not difficult to thin acrylic paint to make it useable in your HVLP spray gun. You just need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Mix it adding the proper quantity of liquid neither more nor less so that your mixture may get to the level where it can flow easily on the surface providing the desired results and saving your gun and surface from clogging. Finally, clean your spray gun when you finish your work.


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