How To Use HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun?

A few years ago, painting was considered a very tough job that only professionals could perform. Nobody ever thought of painting at home.

But with the influx of paint technology, modern ways of painting have made the job easy both for professionals as well newbies. Modern spray guns save time, money, and labor making the painting job easier and faster.

If you want to paint yourself at home, and wondering how to use an HVLP gravity feed spray gun, stop thinking more about it.

It is very easy and simple now to use an HVLP spray gun with the same dexterity as the painters can do, with a little search of related information and practice. The HVLP spray gun has increased the working efficiency saving material and labor.

What Is a Gravity Feed Spray Gun?

The gravity-fed spray gun is a new gun used for spraying paint. It allows minor batches of spray coating at a time. It can deliver the fluid at a slow speed which is suitable for smaller projects.

Gravity Feed Spray Gun

It has full control of air atomization. It is a very quick and fast-working gun that makes the fluid material flow easily. It is also affordable and can be cleaned easily.

What Are The Main Considerations To Set Up HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun?

When you are going to set up HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun for spraying paint, keep the following things in mind which are the most important.

  • #1: Air Control; First of all set up the air control of the gun to use it properly. It plays a very vital role in the performance of your gun. When you pull the trigger, try to set the regulator between 25-30 PSI so that you can achieve the proper air pressure for spraying paint.
  • #2: Fluid Control; Secondly, try to fix the fluid that comes out from the needle when you pull the trigger. If you loosen the fluid needle, it will spray more paint causing bubbles, and if you tighten the fluid nozzle, it will stop the paint to come out. So set the fluid nozzle right according to the fluid you are using and the surface you are spraying.
  • #3: Fan Control; Thirdly, it is very important to set the fan in the right position to get the best atomization of paint and fine finishing results. It will control the working speed and leveling of paint on the surface.

How To Use HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun?

When you are going to paint a surface using HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun, and want to learn how to use HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun, but don’t have time to get proper training, then this article will help you to operate the spray gun properly to achieve your desired target. So follow the steps given below;

First Step

  • #1: Take the paint, you want to use according to the surface
  • #2: If it is latex paint, thin it using floral
  • #3: If it is oil-based paint, thin it using petrol
  • #4: Always thin the paint at about 15-20 percent of the solvent

Second Step

  • #1: Take a filter to strain the paint
  • #2: Remove all the impurities that may clog the nozzle
  • #3: Prepare the paint with the right consistency
  • #4: The viscosity level should be maintained properly

Third Step

  • #1: Attach the air compressor to your spray gun
  • #2: Set the right air pressure accorded to your painting needs
  • #3: Set 50 PSI to start when you pull the trigger
  • #4: Set the fan control knob
  • #5: Unscrew the material knob two and a half turns

Fourth step

  • #1: Fill the gun’s paint reservoir
  • #2: Turn the air compressor on to test the spray coat
  • #3: Tap masking paper on the surface you don’t want to paint

Fifth Step

  • #1: Spray twice that may cover the surface
  • #2: Spray the paint making the surface even and smooth
  • #3: Keep spraying until you get the desired consistent coat
  • #4: Always spray with smooth motion either from top to toe or in a circle
  • #5: Keep the gun at the right distance from the surface which is about 6-8 inches


Even after you have learned how to set up and use an HVLP gravity feed spray gun, you should take the following precautions while spraying paint.

  • #1: The air pressure should not be too less or too more, keep it at the proper level
  • #2: Always use the nozzle perfectly compatible with your paint
  • #3: The material consistency should be at the perfect flowing level
  • #4: Don’t hold the trigger for more time to avoid the wrong spray pattern
  • #5: Keep the right distance between gun and the surface neither more nor less
  • #6: Hold the gun in the right direction
  • #7: Always test before starting actual work
  • #8: Take all the self-protective measures like wearing a mask, glasses, shoes, hats, etc.
  • #9: Choose a suitable time and place for spraying paint
  • #10: Keep the inflammable material away from the working place
  • #11: Always clean the gun soon after using it

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Understand The HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun?

HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun is a typical gun used for getting high output with minor overspray.

It has a better option for fan control and volume control than the conventional pattern. It is also environment friendly and low-cost gun

How Can I Dilute Paint A Gravity Feed Spray Gun?

You can dilute the paint by following the instructions like pouring the chosen paint into the proper bucket, mixing ½ cup of water for each gallon, and checking the thickness level, if the mixed paint flows freely through the strainer, it is ready to use.

Can I Use Paint Thinner To Thin Paint For The Spray Gun?

Yes, Paint thinner can be used for thinning paint before starting the spray. It can reduce the viscosity of the paint and adjust the right level of consistency. In some paint, water is used to thin but in oil-based paint, thinner is the most used solvent.

What Is The Right Pressure To Set The HVLP Spray Gun?

The right pressure for an HVLP spray gun is 28-29 PSI. Most of the HVLP spray guns work at 40 PSI.

Final Thoughts

Technology has made work easier and faster. All the painters, professionals, and newbies use HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun to complete their small painting projects. These guns provide the best possible results.

They only need to adjust and set them properly to achieve smooth and even painted surfaces. The users must learn the right way to use and control the fan, air pressure, fluid setup, tip set up, and nozzle size pattern, so the spray guns work properly without creating any unpleasant happening.


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