HVLP VS HTE Spray Guns

In the realm of spray guns, HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) models have long held a prominent place, offering improved transfer efficiency but limited control over the finish. However, as the industry evolves, some manufacturers believe that HVLP guns are becoming outdated due to their high air consumption requirements.

Painters often attempt to increase pressures beyond recommended levels, leading to issues with the air consumption and reduced transfer efficiency. To address these challenges, HTE (High Transfer Efficiency) spray guns have emerged as a recent solution.

With their lower air volume requirements, typically 9 to 12 CFM, operators must familiarize themselves with HTE vs. HVLP to effectively comprehend application speed and atomization quality. In this article, we will delve into the topic of HVLP vs. HTE spray guns, empowering users to make informed decisions regarding their spraying needs.

What Is The Transfer Efficiency? Major Factor!

Transfer efficiency is the amount of paint that exactly hits the panel as a part of the total paint used. It is very important to the spray finishing industry.  The higher transfer efficiency ensures manufacturers save more money and reduce volatile organic compound emissions.

Although TE is a very simple concept, its ratings can go ahead to considerable confusion when it is not properly understood.

It refers to the quantity of paint covering a part, and how much material is wasted. Knowing about TE enables you to choose the right spray gun for the proposed application as it is the major factor to improve transfer efficiency.

What Is The Importance Of Spray Guns?

It is a very important aspect of the spray gun that allows the smallest possible amount of paint to get the desired result.

European businesses that have adopted new technology, have studied deeply HVLP vs. HTE and conducted Independent tests for performing Transfer Efficiency keeping in view the environmental laws, saving paint from overspray and energy.

For obtaining the best finishes from the guns, you need a lot more care in the selection of these spray guns. So you should have enough information to differentiate between the available guns and pick the best one for your job.

Comparison of HTE And HVLP Spray Guns

The main difference between HVLP and HTE Spray Guns is that Both spray guns deliver superior coats of paint coverage due to their high efficiency, but they are a bit different from each other in shape.

These spraying tools are very similar in some ways and you can handle big jobs with ease. However, HTE spray guns provide excellent results for small painting tasks and you will find that this gun does really well at not bleeding and over-spraying.

These are quality options to choose from and can easily meet your painting needs.

Neither is designed for smaller jobs, but that’s okay because there are cheaper, smaller-volume sprayers out there that can easily meet your needs

#1. Easy To Use

Both sprayers are easy to use. You will get very comfortable handling and functionality from both guns.

HTE guns will provide you with some aspects of an excellent paint application for a variety of medium to large jobs.

HTE guns

#2. Paint Application

Many different product types can be applied with both guns. With any of these spray guns, you will be able to apply paint easily and carefully. Both are easy to use and you will find great results from both.

HTE guns do not apply some of the thicker paints and sealants that HVLP guns do. This is because HTE spray guns provide a finer atomization application more like conventional spray guns.

This means it doesn’t always go well with sticky substances like HVLP sprayers. However, both will spray paint superiorly to many other spray guns.

#3. Speed ​​And Transmission Efficiency

HTE guns are faster at painting than HVLP. HVLP guns are not as easy as applying paint with truly high-quality results and coverage, and you will definitely find that the process takes longer.

On the other hand, the HTE spray gun will give you a great coverage experience that you can’t get with any other spray gun on the market.

The mix of conventional and HVLP spray guns thus produces a very good finished product, providing reliable and flawless paint results.

What Is HVLP Spray Gun

#4. Use Pressure

HTE spray guns require approximately 28-29 PSI in the rear, while HVLP spray guns require 40 PSI. This can make a difference when applying paint, which in some cases needs a little help to spread evenly.

There’s nothing like saving you from a little stress while doing all sorts of painting jobs. This makes it easy to apply paint in many different applications when you don’t have room for a large air compressor.

#5. Fan Spray Pattern

Both sprayers will give you an even spray pattern. You will get smooth, even paint without retouching. This is one of the main advantages of both types of airbrushes, both will give you the right airbrush model for the job you need to do.

#6. Price

Each one usually costs around $150. This makes them quite affordable, but they are significantly more expensive than conventional or low-pressure spray guns.


Professional HTE Compliant Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun


  • This HTE air spray gun delivers a precise, controlled finish with superior material savings.
  • The price is only $149.

Both guns cost more when you consider the air pressure required to run them properly. This may mean you will need a new air compressor.


HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer HVLP Electric Spray Gun


  • Better Than A Brush Or Spray Can
  • Brass Spray Tip Technology
  • Adjustable Settings, Easy To Use
  • Spray A Variety Of Materials
  • The price is only $88.

#7. Cleaning And Maintenance

Both guns are easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Before storing them, you’ll want to make sure you clean any of them carefully and thoroughly so they don’t get damaged when not in use.

Here is the detailed comparison video of HTE And HVLP.

YouTube video

Frequently Asked Question

What Pressure Does An HVLP Gun Require?

An HVLP gun requires a high volume of air between 15-26 CFM delivered at 10 PSI to atomize paint into a very soft, low-velocity pattern of particles

Can I Spray Paint My House With An HVLP Gun?

Yes, you can spray paint your house with HVLP guns as they are designed to spray heavy bodies.  They force the fluid through small tips to get a smooth surface.

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need For My HVLP Spray Gun?

You need at least 8 CFM compressors for your HVLP Spray Gun, but it is recommended to have at least 30 CFM compressors to prevent the arising issues with your gun.

Does The HVLP Spray Gun Cause Less Overspray?

Yes, as HVLP spray guns are efficient paint-applying tools so they reduce overspray. When these guns are used properly, they often result in higher transfer efficiency and less reduced overspray.

What Are The Main Features Of HTE Spray Guns?

HTE is a modern technology used in the painting industry. It has features like durability, cleanliness and low noise, etc.

In a Nutshell

HVLP is more of an all-purpose tool, mostly good for large and small projects equally and it is usually a better option if you care about covering a lot of ground quickly. It can be used for painting large buildings or walls, because of its nature to cover a lot of ground quickly with each spray stroke.

On the other hand, HTE is well-matched to projects smaller in size and it will serve you well if you need your paint job to last and be able to withstand any weather conditions. It will give you a more uniform finish due to its ability to hold a very little amount of paint at any given time.

So HVLP paint spray guns are used more often because the air pressure is lower than that of HTE and HVLP has a narrower pattern, which can be more precise.

John Smith

John Smith is a professional artist and painter with over 10 years of experience using spray guns in his artwork. He has been featured in various exhibitions and galleries throughout the United States and Europe. He is also a passionate educator, having taught painting techniques and spray gun usage to art students at the university level. In addition, he has authored several books on painting and is a regular contributor to art magazines.

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