Wagner Flexio 890 Review

Wagner is a well-known brand in the paint industry that builds the best HVLP paint sprayers. It always gives more attention to the quality and reasonable price.

The Wagner sprayers come with flawless results, a quality finish, high functionality, and powerful performance.

Wagner Flexio 890 wants no particular introduction as it is familiar to professionals and DIYers alike. It comes in different designs. You may call it an appropriate paint sprayer for all the projects around the house.

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Wagner Flexio 890


  • Perfect For A Variety Of Projects
  • Portable Paint System
  • Two Nozzles Included
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Convenient Clean-Up

It features an air hose to connect the sprayer and a turbine in the base.

The gun combines its X-Boost Turbine, iSpray nozzle, and detail finish nozzle that brings high-level performance to home projects.

The Top Notch Features of Wagner Flexio 890

Wagner Flexio 890 paint sprayer is completely packed with many practical features which make it different from other sprayers at a similar price.

This HVLP stationary paint sprayer has a solid portable carrying case. Its turbine unit always sits on the floor.

Look at the following top-notch features that I liked the most.

#1. X-Boost Air Turbine of Wagner Flexio 890

The X-Boost air turbine is powerful enough to control the spray speed. It also ensures a quick and professional paint spray.

You can adjust the level of air pressure with just a click to turn the X-Boost power dial on the handle of the gun.

This power can be changed according to the work. If it is high, it can provide faster coverage using thick material. If it is low, it works well for smaller projects using thin material.

#2. Long Flexible Air Hose of Wagner Flexio 890

When you spray ceilings, walls, and any high place, you need a Long Flexible Air Hose to do the job.

Wagner offers a flexible air hose of 11.5 feet in length and a handle to paint large areas.

It allows you to reach high places easily and paint from close sight.

#3. Detail Finish Nozzle of Wagner Flexio 890

The detail finish nozzle is a key section of the gun. If you want to complete small projects, you mainly use this nozzle.

It gives a smooth final coat of paint to your project. It will improve the general appearance of the surfaces like furniture, cabinets, and crafts.

#4. ISpray Nozzle of Wagner Flexio 890

The iSpray nozzle is the second important nozzle and the key feature of the gun. It helps to apply a great amount of paint per minute.

If you want to paint large projects like walls, ceilings, fence decks, or any side of the house, this nozzle makes your work faster.

#5. Turbine Power of Wagner Flexio 890

Turbine Power makes it easy to reach the variable speed. It also enables you to spray thick and thin paint equally.

The turbine speed and the material flow can be adjusted. Adjust high-speed for thicker material flow and slow speed for thinner material flow. It also works in the place of an air compressor.

#6. Lock-N-Go Feature of Wagner Flexio 890

This feature of the gun is an especially designed part of the gun to disassemble the gun and other accessories attachments. It is quite a user-friendly design of the gun.

It not only makes attaching the accessories easy, but it also makes the process of cleaning the gun very simple.

#7. Perfect Sprayer for Multiple Projects

This feature of the Flexico 890 paint sprayer is really effective for me as a painter. It is a great gun for applying a finer finish on walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, furniture, trim, and many more.

#8. Lightweight

Wagner Flexio 890 is a very lightweight spray gun (1 pound only).  So domestic painters and all the do-it-self users prefer this handheld sprayer for painting their projects.

Spraying becomes difficult with a heavy gun that makes you stop after every 10 to 15 minutes. But Wagner Flexio 890 allows you to carry, fill, paint and enjoy freely.

#9. Easy Cleaning Paint Sprayer

Cleaning the paint sprayer is very necessary to make it work properly. When you complete painting work, clean your gun completely for its long-lasting service.

It depends on the structure of the gun and how you can clean it. If it is easy you can do cleaning well. Wagner Flexio 890 is just fun to clean thoroughly.

#10. Portability

As the turbine unit of the gun sits on the ground, so you don’t have to carry it all the way while spraying.

It relieves you from hand fatigue in long projects. You can move it easily where you want.

#11. Price

The price is user-friendly. You won’t get a spray at such an affordable price with multiple functions.


If you like this HVLP Paint Sprayer then don’t waste your time just buy it and enjoy a smooth and never-ending good painting experience with this awesome Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 Stationary HVLP Paint Sprayer.

  • Greatly versatile
  • Comes with two nozzles
  • Good storage case
  • Spray paints without thinning
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • A fragile spray gun
  • Clogs and a little overspray


Wagner Flexio 890 is the best HVLP paint sprayer for professionals and do-it-self enthusiasts. It is easy to set up, use, and clean.

You can use it for small and large paint jobs. If you want to use it regularly for a long period, it is a wonderful paint sprayer for you.

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